Local Buying Tips

Services and Duties provided to Buyers


  • Structuring the transaction to the Buyer's advantage.

    Here are three of the most important ways Buyer Agency works for you.

    Get the price you want

    We will help you negotiate to obtain the right price, terms and conditions.

    You are Represented

    A Buyer Agent will do a comprehensive market analysis on the property you select. This will help you establish fair market value before an offer to purchase is made.

    You are Exposed to a Larger Market

    In addition to the MLS listed properties, our Buyer Agent System allows us to show you a wider variety of available homes, including unlisted properties - for sale by owners, foreclosure sales and homes not yet on the market. In other words, you will have access to the TOTAL market.


     Buyers, please click on "more" above, scroll down to FHA checklist, and take it on your home hunt.  Trust me, this list will GREATLY help you make sure once you find your home it will be able to pass appraisal.