About Me

Lifetime Resident of Duluth

Quality Service Provider

Full-Service Agent of a National Franchise

Member of the National Association of Realtors

Member of the Duluth Area Association of Realtors

Proud supporter of The American Heart Association

What's my real estate story?

My family has always owned real estate all over Dulth MN and the surrounding areas.  When I purchased my first house I got preapproved financing, called the name on the sign, purchased at full price, waived my inspection, and that was that.  I knew there were things I wished the agent would have done, but I didn't yet realize that the name on the sign only represents the seller and not the buyer. 

Later I decided I wanted to purchase investments, but this time I thought I was ready.  So I signed up under buyer agency with a different agent.  After calling many times, trying to see homes I drove past and liked, searching online, and not getting quite the service I thought an agent could give I decided I needed a different outlet.  Thus I took the real estate courses and became an agent.  NOW I know all I didn't know then. 

I regularly tell buyers; remember that the name on the sign represents the best price and negotiations for the seller, so you need your own agent.  This truly comes from the heart- I made mistakes due to not knowing what I didn't know so I don't want buyers to make that same mistake.  You can expect full service from me, availability the same day you call, and trust.  I pride myself on being a locally known name who happens to utilize the benefits of a nationally known franchise. 

For my sellers I pay for all the bells and whistles for you.  A portion of each of my sales goes to the Century 21 franchise, even though each office is independently owned and operated.  We are tops in real estate nationwide.  There is nothing offered by any other company that you cannot receive from me, so if there's a specific item you are wondering if I can do the answer is yes- just mention it and I can explain the details to you.

I have multiple college degrees even outside real estate so my knowledge base is a bit more than my colleagues although I will tell you there are over 300 agents in the Duluth area alone so we are a many good agents.  Most of my buyers and sellers do contact me throughout the day via text and email during the school year if they are not able to contact me in the evening or on weekends.  My office is staffed 24 hours a day with an agent on duty so my listings are shown even when I'm in the schools, and the contract is with my entire brokerage so it is their job to be full service to my listings.  My company shares broker reciprocity with every company in the mls system, so ALL AGENTS can and do show my listings as I do theirs as well.  My listings get 24 hour exposure online. 

I want to thank my past clients- because of your repeat and referral business, YOU have helped me earn the top sales agent recognition in the newspaper again (image below), thank you!